Thursday, September 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Justin

Hi everyone,

It's my little brother's birthday today, he turns 17, so if anyone see's him... which can be rare at times... than please wish him a Happy 17th.

I just wanted to send a small recap from the past week, and it has been good and some minor bad things too.

I'll start with the bad... We still don't know or have the funds to pay the phone bill, and its past the due date since September 3rd. We're all praying for provision, and thus far, we're still believing something will happen.

The goods would fall in the category with having a great week, We had two guest speakers in the past week, one for our Friday morning, where classes like Church History and World Religion were canceled. Those happen to be two classes I really like, but the speaker, Tom Rawls, was very good, and instilled confidence to his audience. The second speaker we had was at Church in the services, his name is Reggie Dabbs. He's a great man, with a wicked history and testimony. When he was 7 years old, he found out that his parents were foster parents, and his real mother was a prostitute, and he was a product of "Mom trying to earn another dollar to feed her kids." The problem was that Reggie was given up for adoption, because his biological Mother couldn't afford to keep another child, and Reggies testimony starts with him learning what the Gospel means, and than realizing that his family all along was with Christ, and through this victory he now preaches to thousands, and leads a thriving church in Florida.

Other great things that happened during the week, from cousins Melanie and Marc, both gave encouraging emails, and loved hearing from both of them. You guys lifted my spirits, and made a good day into a great day. So thank you guys so much for doing that, I pray amazing blessings going both your ways. Also, Mom has been encouraging more so than usual, in the past week, and its been incredible. Talking to Dad on his birthday was another high lite, and today chatting with Justin on Skype was great.

I have some videos I'd like to post, I'm going to get some help from my room mates who used to work with multi-media stuff for over two years, and I'm sure I can get something going by next post. So hang tight, I'll catch you all later, and I love you and miss you all, and don't forget to be blessed.

With Love

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